Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Snippets #14

New flowers for my room / Smiley selfie / Boyfriend comforting his niece / Not impressed by me taking his photo / Car boot bargains, vintage cameras! / Feeling thankful for my parents / Little brother drew me a picture / Cheap art supplies for my Wreck This Journal / Pretty Harrods pen from my Mum / Been doing some Disney drawings / End of May and still in my slippers! / Flowers finally bloomed / Unattractive candid of boyfriend and I / Fruit salad breakfast / Cuddles with Ruby dog / Finally started my Wreck This Journal
I thought I'd have a few more photos to show you as I left this feature for a week, but unfortunately as usual I really didn't get up to much! I feel a bit "blah" again lately, as I'm just stuck in the house all the time. Going to challenge myself this month to get out and about, and see my friends more too.

The weather has still been pretty rubbish over the last fortnight, but last Sunday was quite nice and boyfriend and I took a stroll down to a local car boot sale. I was absolutely thrilled to spot a few vintage cameras! They were just £5 and £3, and Will was nice enough to buy me one of them as a little present (I bought myself the other one!) 

I also bought myself some cheap art supplies last week, as I have a new video series on my YouTube channel where I document my Wreck This Journal, and I was keen to get started. I've taken a few photos that I'm going to put on here too; I want to get a bit more craftiness onto this blog as it's such a big hobby of mine.

What have you all been up to?


  1. WoW ! Always loved your blog Chloè! Well since I spotted your YouTube hannel :p! I am a photography-aholic too hehe :$ but AS is making me hate everything :(

    1. Aww I'm sorry to hear that! I didn't take AS Photography because I was worried I would start to hate it, haha xx


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